Security Escort Service

The Students’ Union Safewalk program provides a safe and reliable alternative to walking alone at night on or around campus.

Safewalk is the Students’ Union response to the reality of our society - offering everyone the opportunity to take an active role in making the campus a safer place that is more conducive to learning. Walking escorts are free of charge and are available to any member of the university community - undergrads, graduate students, staff and faculty.

Safewalk volunteers ensure that access to the University of Alberta campus and surrounding areas is never compromised for those who do not want to walk alone at night. When  not with a client, SafeWalk continually patrol campus acting as additional “eyes and ears” as a measure of community crime prevention.

To use Safewalk, call 4-WALK-ME (780-492-5563) and a volunteer will take your name, location and destination. They will then dispatch a co-ed, radio-equipped team wearing bright yellow jackets to walk you to your destination.  Safewalk clients have the option of booking walks in advance. This means a team would be waiting for you at the predetermined place and time to walk you to your destination.


Refer to the Safewalk webite for hours of operatons and boundaries.


UAPS also provides a limited security escort service outside of Safewalk hours.  Call 780-492-5050 for more information.