Positive Action Tickets







Positive Action Tickets or PATs are given out by UAPS Peace Officers to individuals as a “thank you” for their contribution to making the community a safer and better place. PATs include a token of appreciation which can be redeemed at various locations on campus in both the Students’ Union Building and HUB Mall. The purpose of the PATs is to encourage the reporting of suspicious or criminal behavior to UAPS.



How to get a PAT:



1. Unfortunately the campus environment is not immune to criminal activity. When you observe someone on campus who appears to be doing something suspicious or criminal, give UAPS a call. The number is easy to remember, 780 492 5050, or dial “2 5050” from any phone on campus. Thefts and other criminal offences occur on a daily basis around campus, by taking the time to give UAPS a call when you see someone suspicious, you can be a huge part of the solution. After receiving calls, UAPS Peace Officers will respond and investigate.



2. Based on officer discretion, those calling UAPS may be eligible to receive a PAT. Officers may give them out “on the spot,” or contact the reporter at a later time.



3. Show off your PAT to your friends and enjoy a free drink or meal!