Verbal Judo

Never Argue With Anyone Again!

Words have the potential to cut and scar us as deeply as any physical wound ever could. Words can limit personal growth, destroy careers, ruin marriages, and estrange us from our families and friends. To be successful, we need to learn how to handle verbal abuse and how to respond to people with dignity and style regardless of their behavior. We also need to be accountable for the words we use - if you're not part of the solution, you're part of the problem.

Many organizations provide their staff with job specific training but little, if any, professional communications training. Without the benefit of effective conflict management skills, staff are forced to employ ‘hit and miss’ strategies when dealing with difficult persons. While these strategies vary, the results are predicable - unsatisfied customers, lost business, reduced productivity and burned out staff.

"Ju-do = “the gentle way”

Verbal Judo was developed 20 years ago by Dr. George Thompson for the sole purpose of saving the lives of police officers. Dr. Thompson drew upon his academic background in English literature, his formal training in the martial arts and his practical experience as a police officer to develop the teachings of Verbal Judo. Verbal Judo is based on Western principles of persuasion (Aristotle's Ars Rhetorica) and the Eastern mindset of non-dissension (Martial Arts) philosophies. Dr. Thompson's unique background allows him to articulate what police officers do best – deal effectively with difficult people under the most critical situations. To date, Dr. Thompson has taught Verbal Judo to over 200,000 police officers from over 700 police departments across the United States and Canada. His program is required training for LAPD and NYPD Officers.

The success of the Verbal Judo for Law Enforcement Program has resulted in the development of the Verbal Judo for Contact Professionals Program. This program is essential training for any person who must interact with clients, co-workers, employees or the public on a regular basis. This program benefits and has been taught to professionals of all types including educators, social workers, customer service, airlines, hospitality and the list goes on!


University of Alberta Protective Services offers three levels of Verbal Judo for Contact Professionals:

1. Introduction to Verbal Judo (4 Hours)
2. Verbal Judo Basic (1 Day)
3. Verbal Judo - Advanced (2 Days)

As well, we offer customized on-site training designed to address the problems and concerns of your staff.

Who can attend?
Verbal Judo is open to any University of Alberta staff member or student who is interested in learning how to deal with people in conflict and crisis.

Why should you attend?
Verbal Judo teaches the skills necessary to remain centered and focused during any verbal encounter. Attendees learn to redirect behavior, diffuse difficult situations, and generate voluntary compliance from difficult people who are not on their best behavior. Although people may not always like what they have to do, they will understand the need to be cooperative.

With employees, peers, customers, or even family members, Verbal Judo will give you the edge in any encounter, increasing the value of your business and the quality of your life.

For further information please email or call 492-5050

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