Compliments and Concerns

Our Dedication

The University of Alberta Protective Services is dedicated to the safety and protection of the staff, students and visitors of the University of Alberta. We have designed this webpage to encourage you to express your compliments and concerns regarding the quality of our service.


Our service strives to be recognized as one of most professional and competent organizations in Canada. Please let us know if you were pleased with the service you received from us. You may express your compliment in writing, by phone or in person using the contact information on this page. Your compliment will be reviewed by the member's chain of command and attached to their personnel file.


Sometimes our members act in ways that the public may not like or understand. In most cases our actions are a direct result of our training, our policies or sanctioned by law. In other cases our conduct and behaviour may be inappropriate. In both cases we encourage the public to express their dissatisfaction with our service or our members as a public complaint.

What does not constitute a public complaint

Members are given discretion when it comes to issuing violation notices and laying charges. The courts or University disciplinary hearings are the proper venue to hear evidence pertaining to charges that you are facing.

The public complaint process

When considering a public complaint against Protective Services, it is important to write down detailed notes of the incident as soon as possible, including the names, badge numbers, or physical descriptions of the members involved, the date, time and location of the incident.

Public complaints are preferred in writing to ensure your concerns are clearly expressed and documented. Your contact information is preferred so that our service may follow-up with further questions, arrange a meeting, provide updates, and final disposition of the complaint. If you need assistance in writing your complaint due to a language barrier, physical limitations or other valid reason, please visit our office or phone us at 780-492-5050 and ask to speak to a supervisor.

You may submit your complaint to us the following ways:

By mail:

University of Alberta
Protective Services

11390-87 Avenue (Education Car Park)
T6G 2R5

By email:

By fax:


By phone:


In person:

Our office is located in the Education Car Park, northwest corner of 87 Avenue and 114 Street, University of Alberta North Campus, Edmonton

Complaints may be dealt with in two ways:

Informal Resolution

We may contact you to discuss the possibility of an informal resolution. An informal resolution is an opportunity for us to meet and come to conclusion that is acceptable to both parties, then the matter will be considered resolved.

Formal Resolution

A formal investigation may be required if a informal resolution cannot be achieved or may be ordered by the Director of Protective Services, if the nature of the complaint requires a formal investigation.

Notifications & Updates

Within 30 days after commencing an investigation we will send you a letter acknowledging the receipt of the complaint.

Every 45 days you will receive an update regarding the status of any investigation.

At the conclusion of any investigation you will receive a letter reporting the results of the investigation and decision rendered. The letter will also include avenues of appeal if you consider the decision to be unsatisfactory.

Compliments and Concerns Brochure

Compliments Concerns Brochure

Internal Investigation Summary

2 Year Internal Investigation Summary