Suspicious Persons

A suspicious person is any individual who should be reported to UAPS by any member of the campus community. Act on your intuition. Whether the report is founded or not, UAPS appreciates all concerns. Based on your information, a crime may be prevented.

There are certain things you should look for in determining whether a person should be reported to UAPS. Suspicious people are people you do not recognize that:

  • Enter rooms, offices, labs, with no apparent business being there.
  • Solicit, ask for donations, etc.
  • Sleep on chairs, furniture, or the floor in odd places (eg. top or bottom of stairwell).
  • Tests locks on doors, lockers, windows, bicycles, or vehicles.
  • Look in windows as though trying to determine a way in or trying to determine what is inside.
  • Carry suspicious items such as crowbars, screwdrivers or bolt cutters.
  • More concerned with who is around them than what they are working on or looking for.
  • Refuse help if you ask to assist them.
  • Appear scared, nervous or anxious when confronted.
  • Have no respect for your personal boundaries (eg. insist on sitting extremely close to you when not necessary, ignore your attempts at ending conversation).
  • Anyone that makes you feel uncomfortable or anxious - avoid minimizing any strange feelings you get from an individual.

Reporting a suspicious person

  • Call UAPS at 780-492-5050. Don't place yourself at risk.
  • When possible we will as you to give us:
    • the persons physical description,
    • their last known location or direction of travel,
    • vehicle license plate or description,
    • number of persons involved,
    • any weapons observed.