In Residence Halls

  • Remember that residence halls are public places. Contact local Community Liasion Officer regarding the safety/security concerns. 
  • Keep doors locked even if you are going out for a few minutes.
  • Report suspicious persons "who appear to be hanging around", immediately to UAPS at 780-492-5050.

In an Apartment or at Home

  • Install and use locks on your doors and windows.
  • Have your locks changed, re-keyed or add a new lock when you move into a new place.
  • Keep doors locked day or night whether at home or not.
  • Know who is at your door before opening it.
  • If someone comes to your door and asks to use your phone to call for help, don't let them in, offer to make the call instead.
  • Close blinds or shades at night.
  • Know your neighbours and know which one you can trust in an emergency.