Office Safety

Outside normal business hours, do not let people you don't recognize into the building. Remember, as a key-holder you are responsible not only for your own safety, but also the safety of your co-workers.

Never prop open doors to locked buildings. If you find a door that is propped open, remove the obstruction. If you suspect there has been forced entry into a building or office contact UAPS immediately 780-492-5050, and do not enter the area.

If you frequently work late consider utilizing our Lone Worker Program and security escort service offered by the Safewalk.

Ensure that the reception area is arranged so that it is difficult for anyone to access inner office areas without first passing the receptionist.

Have staff members come to the front and escort visitors back to the proper areas. Do not allow strangers to wander your halls alone.

If a person's identity is unclear ask for photo identification.

Restrict office keys to those who really need them. Key control is vital to office security. If there has been a large amount of recent employee turnover or lost keys for an area, consider investing in changing the locks. Avoid labeling keys with specific office numbers or building names so that in the event they are lost the finder will not know what they access.

As soon as possible report suspicious persons to Protective Services at 780-492-5050.