Bicycle Security

Bike security is an important issue on campus. Many people use their bikes as primary means of transportation. Unfortunately, a high percentage of people are unaware of how to properly secure their bike. There are many stories of bikes secured with inadequate, cheap locks, usually attached to a cable that was cut with small bolt cutters or in some cases, a simple pair of wire cutters or pliers. Cable locks, regardless of thickness, are not a good deterrent against theft and can be easily defeated by most thieves.

Bike thieves are opportunists and will usually not take the time or effort to defeat a properly secured bike utilizing a U-lock. The majority of bikes stolen on campus are locked with a cable lock only. UAPS does not recommend using a cable lock for your bike. Only use a cable lock in conjunction with a U-Lock.

Locking Your Bike Properly 




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To properly lock a bike it is desirable to back your bike into the rack provided and remove the front wheel (if it is a quick release wheel). Place the front wheel and back wheel together, “sandwiching” the rack bar between the two. A good quality U-lock should then be placed through the front wheel, back wheel, and the frame of the bike itself, while all are connected to the rack. It is important to remove any options such as seats, bags, or lights from the bike after you secure it. Components are also highly-valued among bike thieves. It is NOT a good idea to leave your bike in an unlit or low-traffic area. It is worthy to note that if a bike thief does steal a bike from a rack, minus a seat, or a wheel (carrying the bike), he will be stopped and questioned by UAPS officers, if observed.

UAPS recommends any high quality brand U-Lock (ex. Kryptonite brand). Most bike shops sell the lock or a similar version of it. With the more expensive locks, many companies offer up to a $500.00 guarantee that their lock will NOT be defeated. UAPS offers a Bike Registration program. Visit our office and we will place a unique numbered sticker to your bike and record information that is crucial in the event your bike is stolen (eg. serial number, make, model, size, color etc…). Hundreds of bikes per year are recovered in Edmonton. Most are never returned to their owners because there was no way to identify the owner or the owner did not provide the information necessary in a police report to link the recovered bike back to them.

Parking Services operates bike cages on the North Campus, for further information contact Parking Services at 780-492-7275.