Crime Map

Welcome to the University of Alberta Protective Services Crime Map.

Protective Services is committed to innovative and responsive community policing, which is why we implemented this Crime Mapping Website.

Campus crime is more than just numbers; it's about knowing where reported crime is happening where you work, attend school and live.  Knowing the real picture of campus crime reported to Protective Services is the first step in doing something about it.

By using the Google My Maps© application, you can select any one of our six University of Alberta campuses or specific locations from the left menu.  You can zoom in on any part of the map and click on any one of the icons.  A pop-up window will display the incident and date it was reported.

By accessing this timely and relevant information on reported crime you will know what's really going on at your University.  By knowing what's really going on, you should be better informed in relation to crime prevention decision-making.


The map shows incidents reported to Protective Services during the current month. We will endeavor to update the crime map on a weekly basis, but unexpected delays may occur.


By accessing and using this information, you understand and agree that:

  1. You cannot, nor can anyone else on your behalf, sue to the University of Alberta, or anyone else associated with this website, for anything related to this website and the information in it;
  2. While the University of Alberta Protective Services will endeavor to provide accurate and timely information on the website, delays, inaccuracies and omissions can occur, so caution is necessary;
  3. While it is acceptable to pass this website link on to others in your community, you will not share the information found on the website with others other than with members of Protective Services or other law enforcement agencies; and
  4. You will only use this information so you can inform yourself of, and participate in , this community policing initiative;
  5. You understand that the locations shown on the map are near but are not the exact locations that were reported to Protective Services.
  6. You understand that there may be criminal activity at the University of Alberta that hasn't been reported to Protective Services.

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